Rivonia Tennis Club

Rivonia Tennis Club. Coaching, social tennis, tournaments - tennis for the whole family

Visitors Fees

R40 per person * Weekdays & Sunday pm * Supply own balls

R50 per person * Saturdays & Sunday mornings

Flood lights R50 per hour 

Membership Options / Visitors Fees

Annual Subscriptions - July 2015 to June 2016

Tennis Section

Full Senior Membership:

Saturday & Sunday organised social tennis, leagues & championships.

Adequate level of play required to join.

R 2,250.00 per person

Student Membership:

Scholars & University students who qualify for Full Membership.

R 1,200.00 per person

Junior Members:

R 800.00 per person

Weekday Membership:

Monday to Friday, day or night & Sunday Afternoons ONLY

R 1,500.00 per person

**Note: Members in all categories joining during the financial year will only be expected to pay pro rata subs.

Resident Coach

Our resident coaches are TNT Sports Management .

They provide coaching for all age groups and all levels of players.

Phone Derik on : 072-249-1999 or

Melissa on: 084-333-3034